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PhDs supervised
Bianca Cepollaro

École Normale Supérieure (Paris), in co-tutorship with Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa). Dissertation title "The Semantics and Pragmatics of Slurs and Thick Terms". Started in October 2013, defended at the SNS, Pisa (Italy), on 20 January 2017.

Committee: Pier Marco Bertinetto, Claudia Bianchi, Robin Jeshion, Pekka Vayrynen, Marina Sbisà


Andrés Soria Ruiz

École Normale Supérieure (Paris). dissertation title "The Place of Value in Natural Language. A non-factualist approach to evaluative terms and judgment". Started in October 2016, defended at the ENS, Paris (France), on 17 June 2019.

Committee: Chris Barker, Elisabeth Camp, Paul Egré, Carla Umbach, Neftalí Villanueva

Aframir Montero Rios

École Normale Supérieure (Paris). dissertation title "What does a speaker know? A hybrid explanation". Started in October 2023, co-supervised by Marta Abrusán (IJN, CNRS)

participation in PhD committees 
Diogo Ferreira Codinha dos Santos

University of Lisbon; 12/06/2023; title: The Case for a non-uniform account of evaluative disagreements and retractions. (Dirs. Adriana & Teresa Marques).

Alba Moreno Zurita
University of Granada; 30/05/2023; title: Hiding in Plain Sight: A Non-propositional Presuppositional Account of Slurs. (Dir. Neftalí Villanueva Fernández). 
Llanos Navarro Laespada
University of Granada; 30/05/2023; title: Inferencialismo y discurso ético. Hacia una revisión de la dicotomía descriptivo-normativo. (Dir. María José Frápolli Sanz). 
Victor Carranza Pinedo
University of Milan & ENS; 11/07/2022; title:The Landscape of Affective Meaning (Dirs. Marta Abrusán and Elisa Paganini). 
Giulio Pietrousti

University of Barcelona; 17/06/2022; title: The Quasi-Persuasive Nature of Disagreement. (Dirs. Dan López de Sa and Teresa Marques).

Stina Björkholm
University of Gothenburg; 25/05/2022; title: The Duality of Moral Language (Dirs. Anandi Hattiangadi and Anders Schoubye). 
Charles Groulier

EHESS; 14/10/2021; title: La normativité de la signification (Dir. Pascal Engel). 

Stellan Petersson 

University of Gothenburg; 30/09/2019; title: Desarming Context Dependence (Dirs. Robin Cooper and Dag Westerstahl). 

Natalia Karczewska 

University of Warsaw; 23/09/2019; title: Faultless Disagreement in Contemporary Semantic Theories. (Dir. Joanna Odrowąż-Sypniewska). 


José Ramon Torices Vidal

University of Granada; 25/06/2019; title: Ranking the World through Words: Disagreement, Dogwhistles, and Expressivism. (Dir. Neftalí Villanueva Fernández).

Brice Halimi (HDR) 

Université Paris Diderot; 13/12/2017; title: Logical Contextuality (garant: Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz). 

David Bordonaba Plou

University of Granada; 20/03/2017; title: Operadores de orden superior y predicados de gusto : una aproximación expresivista. (Dirs. María José Frapolli & Neftalí Villanueva Fernández). 


David Alejandro Rey Sampedro 

Universitat de Barcelona; 20/12/2016; title: In Defense of Implicit Times (Dir. Max Kölbel). 

Markus Kneer

EHESS; 23/11/2015; title: Perspective in Language (Dir. François Recanati).

Amaia García Odón 

Universitat Pompeu Fabra; 28/09/2012; title: Presupposition Projection and Entailment Relations (Dir. Louise McNally Seifert). 

Mouhamadou el Hady Ba

EHESS; 09/03/2012; title: L'Interface Langage/Pensée (Dir. François Recanati). 


Gregory Bochner

Université Libre de Bruxelles & EHESS; 15/12/2011; title: Naming and Contingency: Towards an Internalist Theory of Direct Reference. (Dirs. Philippe Kreutz & François Recanati).

Marie Guillot 

EHESS; 03/12/2010; title: Deixis et subjectivité. Essai sur l’indexicalité dans le langage et la pensée. (Dir. François Recanati). 

postdocs and visiting students 

Constant Bonard (postdoc), Fonds National Suisse; 2021-2022

Nils Franzén (PhD), Uppsala University; winter and spring 2018


Mar Alloza (PhD), University of Barcelona; autumn 2017

Eduardo Pérez Navarro (PhD), University of Granada; spring 2017

Julia Zakkou (postdoc), University of Hamburg; autumn 2016

Natalia Karczewska (PhD), University of Warsaw; spring 2015

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